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Heights Eyecare is an independent three-doctor optometry practice, headed by our doctors. A team of receptionists, opticians, contact lens technicians, and laser surgery consultants make up the remaining staff of eight. For nearly twelve years, we have been serving our patients with comprehensive eye care, exceptional service, and high quality contact lenses and eyewear.

We pride ourselves on providing complete eye health exams. Your exam will consist of a number of tests including color vision, eye coordination, depth perception, and screening for glaucoma and cataracts. Our commitment to technology ensures the latest instruments will allow you a state-of-the-art eye health examination. If needed, our doctors will dilate your eyes and evaluate the internal eye for medical problems. If a visual correction is warranted, they will carefully determine your prescription and review all examination results with you.

If you are considering eyeglasses or contact lenses, Heights Eyecare is the right place. Our professional frame and lens specialists will find the right pair of glasses to fit your prescription needs, lifestyle, and facial features. They want you to look your best! Interested in contact lenses? Our doctors specialize in fitting contact lenses and can often provide same day dispensing of contacts. Ask about our free contact lens consultation and guaranteed contact lens success program.

Medical care is also available at Heights Eyecare. Our doctors are therapeutically certified optometrists, enabling them to prescribe medications to treat eye infections, corneal abrasions, eye allergies, inflammation, and glaucoma. If you have an eye emergency that requires immediate attention, such as an eye injury or foreign body removal from the eye, our staff will arrange for you to be seen without delay.

More information is available at our other website, HeightsEyecare.com


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